Membership benefits

What NGBC has to offer?

Today we are ready to offer you our services in order to boost your interests towards Georgia through providing information about how to do business in Georgia. NGBC will provide you with a platform for sharing business ideas and discussing opportunities. Our activities will be focused on preparing grounds for more extensive bilateral trade, exchange of investments and facilitate the transfer of technologies and knowhow.
Using our extensive networks in the Netherlands and Georgia we will make sure that you are always updated with the newest business related information. Taking into account the profile and interests of each company, we will prepare tailor-made proposals for them on the individual bases.  Arranging proper matchmaking and regular communication between the Dutch and Georgian companies will be on the top of our priority list. 

Our members will also have an access to the solid database of the NGBC. We will do our best to provide you with the most recent facts and figures about Georgian economy and about the Dutch-Georgian relations in trade and economic fields. You will also benefit from sharing information and experience on the legislative base, trade regulations, export-import procedures, tax systems and much more. 

We will regularly hold presentations and distribute information on specific projects and business proposals which are likely to be of potential interest for the members of NGBC. By organizing trade missions, B2B meetings, seminars, business forums we hope to contribute to the better understanding between the Dutch -Georgian business relations and the improved communication between the Dutch and Georgian private sectors.

First proposal from the NGBC 

We start our activities in 2013. The first year will be a period of trial and adaptation to better meet the needs of the NGBC members. To be able to also test your commitment for cooperation and make it a joint effort we propose that each potential member company commits itself by paying an entrance fee of EUR 195. Your payment will cover participation fees for all our activities through the year. With your contribution and our own resources we will jointly set agenda for the coming year and propose the working plan for the whole year. At this stage your annual contribution will include your VIP invitation to the official launch of the NGBC in March 2013. We will send you official invitations and details of the event immediately after your subscription.  

We think that the one-time symbolic entrance fee to join the NGBC is worth the possibility to find out whether your expectations have been met by the end of the year 2013. After one year of cooperation, if you decide to further commit yourself to the longer term cooperation with the NGBC, a revised membership plan will be provided to you for the year 2014.

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